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Selecting Different Accessories For Tablets And Smartphones

AccessoriesForTabletsAndSmartphonesMobile phone accessories are getting popular due to innovative designs, but think of selecting an accessory that can enhance the character and functionality of the digital device. However, with a large variety to choose from, it could be difficult to select the right one for a friend or family member. To help narrow down your selection, following are some of the best accessories.

Bags, phone cases and skins

You should protect your expensive gadget by picking up a fitted case. The case should properly wrap around the tablet or smartphone, supporting common models- which helps it bear the drops and bumps, moreover it should have a thin-film to protect the screen. Some cases are specifically developed for only iPhones and iPads, and they have a rugged silicon shell that absorbs the shocks. Leather cases are also available in the market, having different colors and styles, but you can also customize a leather tablet case on certain related websites.

Stylish tablet bags with soft lining are also available; besides along with padding such bags have pockets inside to hold the keys, smartphone, or some documents. Similarly, power bags are developed for those who prefer a bag that can power up the tech, as it can hold a battery inside, letting you charge up and connect a Smartphone’s battery. This is available in different colors and has many sections for laptops and other devices.

Smartphones, Tablets Are Likely to Impact Direction of Future Digital Signage

FutureDigitalSignageThe broad adoption by consumers of media tablets and smartphones, such as the Apple iPad and iPhone, is certain to impact digital signage in ways that today aren’t fully imaginable.

However, there are a few important data points about these devices that offer a clue as to what some of the effects will be and their potential magnitude.

First, the number of media tablets and smartphones in use is staggering. In the two years since they have become available, 55 million iPads have reached consumers’ hands. IHS iSuppli forecasts 275 million tablets worldwide (all tablets, not just iPads) will be sold by 2015. At home in America, 65 percent of the population, some 200 million, will have smartphones and/or tablets by 2015, an In-Stat study says.

Those numbers mean that whatever the ultimate impact will be of these devices on digital signs, it’s bound to be huge.

Second, these devices are changing how people like to interact with technology. Multi-touch screens, a critical component of the success of tablets and smartphones, will likely become an important component of some digital sign applications, too. After all, people by the millions are being trained by their devices on how to interact with screens.

Soon the desire to have multi-touch will shift from a want to an expectation in the minds of consumers who access information via a screen. This naturally will carry over to digital signage, particularly hybrid digital signage used in interactive kiosk applications.