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4G Mobile Broadband in Australia

4GMobileBroadbandAustralia has two 4G mobile broadband providers, Vivid Wireless and Telstra. Optus is due to launch their service (beyond the trials they are running at the moment in NSW) in 2013.

Vivid Wireless launched 4G mobile broadband several years ago. I remember at the time all of the carriers complaining that it wouldn’t lead to any better performance and it wasn’t what the market was after. Vivid Wireless is a Channel 7 initiative. Their goal was to link the streaming of news and television shows directly to your desktop or mobile device.

This week Optus confirmed the purchase of Vivid Wireless. This move has provided Optus with a long foot in the door when it comes to 4G coverage. In fact Optus can now state that it has a much broader offer than Telstra who launched their 4G service in 2011 and now has over 100,000 customers using it.

Optus hasn’t provided any details when it comes to Vivid Wireless customers, but they wouldn’t be any near the 100,000 mark.

Optus however isn’t simply going to sit on the Vivid Wireless acquisition. Its own trials with 4G in NSW are on schedule and the performance results are in line with expectations.