PicoSure laser

There are a wide variety of reasons why you might not want your tattoo anymore. It might be about a new career, or it could just be that you want to move on without your “ink.” We at Tataway use new technologies to make it relatively easy. The newest technology that we use is the Picosure laser.

There are different ways used, but the most common method used now is the laser. Here at Tataway, we only try to remove a tattoo with laser treatment. Laser treatments use pulses to break up the ink under your skin. The Picosure is very fast, pulsing every picosecond or trillionth of a second. As a result, Picosure treatment is both fast and very effective, and is the only FDA approved laser that is capable of pulsing that quickly.

The Boston location of Tataway is the only place in New England that has made the Picosure commercially available.