Mouse Made by the Soviet Union in 1989

mouse-sovietMouse has become an integral part of us when using a PC or laptop. But do you know how the heck sightings of mouse ancient times, precisely in 1989 and manufactured by the Soviet Union?

Reporting from Gizmodo, the following mouse is one mouse with super unique design of Soviet production and successfully demonstrated by one of the users of the site EnglishRussia. The most surprising point of this classic device is the price at that time even through the range of 300 dollars! (Only to the extent of the mouse, you know).

For you who can not read Russian literature and language, this is the meaning of explanation in the mouse box: “This is the most convenient graphical input device. You can move the cursor or a part of the whole screen graphics, painting, or use it for business “. Cheesy once is the real, but imagine if this device is newly introduced in the market, the explanation certainly quite helpful.
In the packaging box of the mouse is even equipped with a blueprint that describes the anatomy of the funny-shaped device.