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3 Best Quad Copters for Low Budget Filming

Best-Quadcopter-Under-100-Part-One-Quad copters now are commonly used for aerial filming. To get the best pictures, we don’t only need a good operator, but also most importantly, the best quad copters. It is not easy to get the best shot in aerial filming. The most common problem is it shakes too much and will sacrifice the quality of the videos. Therefore, we need a good drone to help that task. A good drone will be easier to control, so we can focus more on the film making.

Unfortunately, the quality always comes with the price. Beginner filmmakers usually has very low budget that it’s hard to find a decent quad copters for that purpose. But actually, there are many cheap quad copters with good camera and control quality out there. You just need to look at the right place. Here are 3 best quad copters to help low budget filmmakers take high quality videos.

UDI 818A HD+

This one has a sturdy looking body that will only cost you around $120. Its 6 axis gyro system makes it very stable and easy to control. It comes with 2MP full HD video camera that can fly up to 9 minutes. The main feature of this quad copter is the headless mode and return home function. Both of them will be very suitable for beginners who still try to find their way in operating this machine.

Art of Discovering Photography

9Braddo-Edit-EditOR-300x205Photography is an art that takes place with the help of clicking and taking durable images that completes the process of photography. The art of photography looks very task but it requires a skill that one has to learn and to learn that skill there is no need of attending college or university, even one can learn that skill by developing sense of photography or if one has deep interest in doing photography then it can easily be developed learned. Suppose, you hand over a camera to person who is unknown with this art and can destroy images and art of photography. But a person who has got complete skills of discovering images is a perfect option for doing photography.

Consequently, the experience of art and photography is not much easy for the beginners, because it has to be learnt by developing sense and practice makes a man perfect for every task. Discovering photographs is not about taking camera and start clicking. In fact, it needs thought and creative mind behind camera. An ordinary mind will not go up to that extent where an extra ordinary mind can go and he will always think about creative ideas and his art of discovering images will move around his ability that he learned after a great struggle. There are many kinds of photography that looks adorable, but some of the kinds are very famous and one of the best kind is the action photography and to discover the art of action photography one has to be very professional because all the images that comes in the action photography are related to action e.g. photography during a football match, traffic passing and many other photographs that are clicked at the spot or live action. Action photography is always a tough task where a photographer has to show his abilities of discovering art.

Gmail users? Important Update Check Here It!

google-mailGmail, Google’s email service recently issued its latest update that allows us to handle multiple accounts in one place. For starters, there is the option to view all the accounts of a single inbox. Even more cool again, you can browse the conversations you though from a non-Gmail account. This option can be used to Yahoo, and account IMAP / POP other.

In addition, Google added a better search engine. So, when you type a word, will appear auto-complete option that allows you to search for what you want to find. It was released along with large preview of attachment and ease save to Google Drive with just one click.

The Google Panda Clever and Adorable!

google-pandaThe largest search engine company Google introduced the Google Panda, an object that can be asked anything like Google, but this time in the form of stuffed panda. Google Vice President of Engineering, Chris Yerga who introduced this product in Japan.


Surely you hope it’s real doll. Yak, we also! Unfortunately. This doll is part of the Google jokes made on April Fool’s day after Google made Google Maps so land play Pac-Man. Video uploaded on Google Japan’s account is set up like a press conference presentations complete with Google officials and invited guests.

Come Explore Networks Joint Body You Google Maps!

google-maps-badanJust imagine, how many times your life saved by Google Maps? Of the need to find a way to house girl friend even to find the best path to the office where you apply for a job, Google Maps has become the primary means for millions of people around the world. Well how would ya if Google’s applications can also be used to explore the network of one’s body?

A project developed by scientists at the University of New South Wales in Australia apparently managed to take advantage of these features. They use an algorithm that is used to run Google Maps and combine it with the big picture, the details, and the details of the human body tissues, even down to the cellular level.

Reporting from Gizmodo, this project collect terabytes of data taken in the pelvis with its scanning electron microscopy. The result is amazing, he can display the molecular analysis of nutrient transport in the past, even took 25 years to make it happen.