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7 Essential Steps To Build A Successful Mobile App

Successful Mobile AppAccording to study carried out by Flurry Analytics, mobile device owners spend an average of 2 hours and 19 minutes interacting with mobile apps every day. In comparison, the average person spends about 22 minutes per day on the mobile web. This is likely good news for companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snap chat and Whats app because more than a billion people use their apps. However, it is bad news for startups, individuals, and SMBs trying to build a loyal user base. Figures published by Tech crunch show that marketplaces such as Google Play and iTunes App Store have more than a million mobile apps. To taste success in this vast mobile app ecosystem, you need to get certain things right. Here are seven essential steps to build a successful mobile app:

Step 1: Functionality

Your mobile app must function as envisaged in your development blueprint. This means it should function accurately, consistently, and quickly. In most cases, functionality problems stem from the choices made at the development stage. For example, if you intend to develop a native app, use the relevant platform-specific programming language (Java for Android or Objective-C for iOS). In addition, create a mobile app that does one thing very well.

Step 2: Value

There is no point of developing a mobile app that is of little value to the end users. To create a useful app, start by studying and researching the mobile app ecosystem carefully, including the types of apps available, your target audience, as well as download statistics for your market niche. Armed with this information, identify an underserved or completely ignored audience and build an app to solve existing consumer problems/needs.

iPhone 5: Expectations and Reality

iPhone5iPhone 5 is officially out and up for grabs, it has been probably the most awaited of the gadgets by technology geeks. There have been many tall claims about this phone including claims like being the ultimate gadget and the best ever by Apple. Until its launch there have been many speculations about the design, technology used and software offerings but it seems like these claims are finally to rest. Whatever has been said earlier about iPhone 5 were mere speculations. Now that it is out let us compare and contrast its features.


Earlier it was speculated by various news sources that iPhone 5 will be capacitated with 4GLTE technology to enable internet on high speed. LTE or Long Term Evolution is a part and parcel of 4G communications. This communication technology is capable of boosting the network speed by 10 times including devices like Tablets and Smartphones.

As far as iPhone 5 is concerned it is supportive of a dual-band (3.5G HDPA+), this is a technology that provides hi-speed internet sans 4G. So, even if you do not have 4G you can still avail the hi-speed benefits, the only thing is that it is not 4G.

Apple Mobile Phones Are Like Solar System in the Sky

AppleMobilePhonesEverybody knows that sky does not has limits. Everybody also knows that solar system is its most essential part. Without it sky is like a zero that does not has any significance.

Mobile phone market also runs on this concept. There are so many handset makers including Nokia, Samsung, LG, HTC, Apple, Blackberry and much more are available in market. Those all offer meticulously made handsets at regular interval which help at every step of life.

We know that UK citizens are a kind of people that does not compromise on any ground and takes most efficient and reliable device that can cater in a skillful manner without facing any problem.

If you are such kind of person who need a proficient handset at reasonable price with free gifts then for Apple mobile phones. Apple is a new player in mobile world but despite being new player, it is presenting tough competition to all well-established manufacturers.

We assure you that all the handsets which Apple launched so far are well-configured and help to a large extent with essential multimedia features like mega pixel camera, high resolution touchscreen, powerful web browser, splendid audio-video player and much more.

Apple Mobile Phone Batteries – General Description Of Batteries

AppleMobilePhoneBatteriesYou must be very much aware of a fact that the mobile phones batteries are the most important part of your mobile. These are the essential part of the cell phone without which your loving and favorite cell phone would not operate at all. Each and every company that is responsible for making some mobile phones also make some special batteries for each individual cell phone. The battery gives a power to your cell phone. You will see that the current battery market is growing day by day for the mobile phones that have been already developed with several attractive features and functions.

If you are planning to purchase a cell phone then it is very important to check its battery whether it is working properly or not and other common accessories that are given with the handset. Here in this article, I would like to explain some important points regarding battery and I am sure it would help you a lot to increase the life of your mobile phone battery.

Charging it at regular intervals
If you are using a communication device for the long time for listening to music or talking or for the other activities then it is very much important for you device to charge the battery at regular time intervals. If it is not properly charged then it would slowly weaken your cell phone. All the batteries that come with the long back up requires the charging only five time in a single weak.