3 Best Quad Copters for Low Budget Filming

Best-Quadcopter-Under-100-Part-One-Quad copters now are commonly used for aerial filming. To get the best pictures, we don’t only need a good operator, but also most importantly, the best quad copters. It is not easy to get the best shot in aerial filming. The most common problem is it shakes too much and will sacrifice the quality of the videos. Therefore, we need a good drone to help that task. A good drone will be easier to control, so we can focus more on the film making.

Unfortunately, the quality always comes with the price. Beginner filmmakers usually has very low budget that it’s hard to find a decent quad copters for that purpose. But actually, there are many cheap quad copters with good camera and control quality out there. You just need to look at the right place. Here are 3 best quad copters to help low budget filmmakers take high quality videos.

UDI 818A HD+

This one has a sturdy looking body that will only cost you around $120. Its 6 axis gyro system makes it very stable and easy to control. It comes with 2MP full HD video camera that can fly up to 9 minutes. The main feature of this quad copter is the headless mode and return home function. Both of them will be very suitable for beginners who still try to find their way in operating this machine.

Of course it won’t be complete without some action capability. This drone can do a perfect 360 degree roll and you only need to operate two simple joy sticks to do this trick. Another great news about this drone is, when you buy it, it comes with many bonuses. Extra blades, power bank, 4 GB micro SD and a bonus battery are included for every purchase.

2015 Syma New Version X8C

This is one of the most stable low budget drones in the market and you can get it with less than $108. The stability comes from the brand new technology of 6 axis fight control system. With 2.4 GHz radio control, you can control this drone from 100 meters distance. This quad copter is interesting because it can do some flipping and rolling trick in the air. Combine it with the full HD 2 MP camera, this quad copter will be perfect if you want to give some action touch in your movie.

With 2 hours of charging, this drone can have up to 12 minutes flying time. It is better compared to some of its competitor. Another best part of this Syma drone is the night time recording ability. This drone has LED light that enables you to shoot with clear vision at night.

WL Toys v686

With only a little bit more than $100, you can get this durable and affordable quad copter. Even though this drone is not really suitable for rolling and flipping, it has other strong features. It is equipped with 720P HD Camera with complete console and nice big screen on the remote control.

This quad copter is not only good for filming or taking pictures. It is also great for playing. It has bubble blower, water cannon and other features that make this drone not only functional, but also very fun.