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Come Explore Networks Joint Body You Google Maps!

google-maps-badanJust imagine, how many times your life saved by Google Maps? Of the need to find a way to house girl friend even to find the best path to the office where you apply for a job, Google Maps has become the primary means for millions of people around the world. Well how would ya if Google’s applications can also be used to explore the network of one’s body?

A project developed by scientists at the University of New South Wales in Australia apparently managed to take advantage of these features. They use an algorithm that is used to run Google Maps and combine it with the big picture, the details, and the details of the human body tissues, even down to the cellular level.

Reporting from Gizmodo, this project collect terabytes of data taken in the pelvis with its scanning electron microscopy. The result is amazing, he can display the molecular analysis of nutrient transport in the past, even took 25 years to make it happen.