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Aluminum Battery Innovation, 1 Minute Instant Full Charge

inovasi-baterai-aluminium-1-menit-charge-penuhLi-ion or Lithium-ion batteries are currently the most widely used in place of alkaline era. But Li-ion battery can no longer seems sufficient for the energy required by today’s electronic devices. But the university has developed a new type of battery innovation.

Stanford University developed an innovative aluminum-ion battery that. Not only cheaper, lighter, but it also has aluminum battery charging power fast enough that only about one minute only. In addition, these batteries are also anti-burst, even if damaged packaging.

Aluminum battery is touted to last up to 7500 times the charge without loss of quality and capacity it contains. The problem is that so far this new aluminum battery can produce 2 volts just do not like Li-ion produces 3.6 volts.