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Samsung Galaxy S5 Officially Launched

Samsung officially introduced its flagship Android smartphone , the Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress , Barcelona , Spain on Monday. JK time Shin , President and CEO Head of IT and Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics is proud to screen the Galaxy S5 for the first time .

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a design that is not much different than the Galaxy S4 . At the front , there are no significant differences too . There are only 2 pieces of soft buttons , coupled with a physical button .

In contrast , the back of the Samsung Galaxy S5 looks different from the previous versions and the Samsung call with the word ” modern glam ” . Engadget said that Samsung uses material ” leather -like ” to the back of the Galaxy S5 seems to be a mixture of polycarbonate material with glass fiber , similar to the Nexus 7 . Use of this material is said will make this device is not slippery when used , a significant change where previously the Samsung using a smooth plastic material which makes it slippery when held .

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