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Google Vs Apple Battle to Become Even More Intense

GoogleVsAppleGoogle and Apple have always been in battle, as the two companies have been competing against each other in the mobile OS segment. Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS have been two of the most popular and successful operating systems in the mobile world. Very soon, this battle will be taken to the next level when Google introduces a number of new hardware products, most of which are expected to run on Android OS.

The report from Wall Street Journal says that Google is working on a number of new hardware products to be able to ‘match’, if not compete against the new hardware devices that Apple is expected to offer. These hardware products include Apple TV, Apple iWatch and in a way, the new Apple iPhone as well. If you are wondering how Google plans to match these products, the answer is simple – create similar products that are better in quality and effectively priced.

To give us a hint about what Google might be working on, the WSJ also gave out a list of future products as shown below

• An Android-based gaming console similar to the OUYA game console

• A wearable smart device (smartwatch) that can connects to smartphones via Bluetooth

• A new Google Nexus Q, which will be better and cheaper than the first-gen version

• A new lightweight version of Android OS

• A new smartphone from Motorola – Google X Phone (added by us, not WSJ)