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Getting Power When There is a Shortage

There is nothing more annoying than running out of battery power on your gadgets. You can be in the middle of a phone call, playing a game on a tablet or listening to music on an ipod and you can suddenly find that you no longer have any power to be able to continue. Normally you will just be able to plug it in to the mains and recharge the battery while you continue to use it. However, there are situations when there is no mains power, when you need another solution.


In some areas power cuts are common and sometimes power is switched off for a certain amount of hours a day to save electricity. If you have not charged your batteries, then it could be impossible to be able to use your devices. This is where a R6000 Battery can come in useful. You can use this to power emergency lighting or alarms, which can be very useful, but there are also ways to use a R6000 UPS Battery to power gadgets. This means that whatever you are using, you should be able to continue to do so.


It is worth considering doing this if you find that you are often in a situation at home where you have no power and you need to charge your devices. It would be sensible to keep them charged up just in case, but this is not the most efficient way to use the battery. It can also be impossible to predict when the power might go off and so you cannot be prepared all of the time, especially if you have been using a device outside of the home for the whole day.


So consider what you might do in the case of having no mains power and whether you think having a battery could be a good solution for you. You may feel it is rather expensive, but it is cheaper than having spare batteries for all of your devices and remembering to keep these all charged up all of the time.

Mac Users and Online Storage

Cost-effective and secure, online storage has many benefits and advantages other storage option simply can not provide. Sadly, Mac users often find that online storage providers do not cater for their requirements. There are, however, some companies that do. To make the decision which company to select easier, here are some of the best providers currently catering for Mac users.


Considered to be among the best online storage providers across the board, this company is well know for its impressive speed and its superior customer service. While other companies naturally also offer excellent customer services, MyPCBackup’s service is said to be a cut above the rest.

In addition, this company also offers unlimited file versioning, something that is particularly important if reverting to earlier file versions becomes necessary for whatever reason. The default storage time of older file versions is 7 days, but this can be changed manually to unlimited periods, which is something other companies do not offer – in most cases, older versions can only be stored up to a maximum of 28 to 30 days.


A little slower than MyPCBackup, this provider is one of the most cost-effective solutions currently on the market for Mac users. With a very affordable unlimited storage plan, ZipCloud is definitely the best options for users that are mainly interested in storage, rather than requiring too many bells and whistles or mobile access.


In addition to offering up to 2 GB of storage free of charge, Mozy’s paid-for plans – which are charged for at competitive rates – also provide a host of other features, some of which are not available from other, perhaps cheaper, companies. This includes, among other things, advanced mobility via Android apps. Naturally, this is particularly beneficial if access from a variety of devices is essential to users.