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iPhone 5: Expectations and Reality

iPhone5iPhone 5 is officially out and up for grabs, it has been probably the most awaited of the gadgets by technology geeks. There have been many tall claims about this phone including claims like being the ultimate gadget and the best ever by Apple. Until its launch there have been many speculations about the design, technology used and software offerings but it seems like these claims are finally to rest. Whatever has been said earlier about iPhone 5 were mere speculations. Now that it is out let us compare and contrast its features.


Earlier it was speculated by various news sources that iPhone 5 will be capacitated with 4GLTE technology to enable internet on high speed. LTE or Long Term Evolution is a part and parcel of 4G communications. This communication technology is capable of boosting the network speed by 10 times including devices like Tablets and Smartphones.

As far as iPhone 5 is concerned it is supportive of a dual-band (3.5G HDPA+), this is a technology that provides hi-speed internet sans 4G. So, even if you do not have 4G you can still avail the hi-speed benefits, the only thing is that it is not 4G.